Website Traffic - The Lifeblood
of Online Business

Website Traffic is the life-blood for your website and online business, it’s the requisite factor for you to earn revenue, before implement any monetization plans, you have to ensure that there is sufficient traffic to carry out.

With proper strategies, step by step, you can receive more and more traffic through efforts in snowballing effect.

Traffic Trend for New Site

For a new website, determine by how broad and competitive the specific keywords for your webpages, you may start receiving traffic from the first to third month, and growing month after months overall.

But in the first place, you need to develop a great, and theme focus website, executed with quality content and others requirement to match on page criteria.

Website traffic may start from the least competition keywords, usually the long tail keywords from your tier-3 web pages, follow by some tier-2 keywords and finally your site concept keyword – home page.

The trend may various from different websites, due to several factors such as keywords demand and supply, search engine strategy, content, and so on…. But the main reason is you, how hard you work for it will definitely show different result.

Website Traffic Sources

There are various sources that can drive traffic to your website, basically there are free traffic and paid target traffic which you can depend on.

Established big branded companies always have high budget to purchase relevant targeted traffic for their businesses, through advertising campaign and other sources.

Unless you monetize with your own products with high profits, or running a high ticket affiliate program, you should and have to rely on free targeted traffic, especially at the beginning stage.

Search Engine Optimization

At Present, search engines still remain major sources for free target traffic, Google, Yahoo and Bing cover approximate 90% of searches, and organic traffic.

So, it’s crucial to measure properly to work with search engines, gaining and maintaining high ranking in order to receive more and more free targeted traffic to your website.

Your crucial step is to carry out proper Search Engine Strategy to achieve your target.

YouTube Channel

It’s time to create your YouTube channel to refer and drive visitors to your website!

With an impressive three billion daily views and trending up, this video-sharing platform stakes its claim as the world’s second-largest search engine (behind Google) and is considered the third most-visited website in the world.

In fact, since the organic traffics (Search Engines) are so competitive and difficult to achieve, especially for newbies, there are many marketers and webmasters are switching to YouTube for the main source of visitors!

Web Directories

You can apply to list your website at relevant niche directories; these sites can drive targeted traffic to your website, although majority of web directories charge subscription fees, there are some free resources available, such as:

When you approved to list on these directories site, not only you will gain diverted traffic, you will also gain inbound links that search engines algorithm measure.

Online Classified Sites

You can try to advertise at classified sites, each site has different schemes for fee charging, usually quite reasonable.

You may start from free scheme in these classified sites to test the water, and then decide whether to go for the paid ads,

Social Media Sites

Social Media Marketing play an important role for gaining direct and indirect targeted website traffic. Social signals also very important for search engines algorithms, which can improve search engine ranking.

Paid traffic also available in social media such as Facebook, you can drive highly targeted and specific group traffic to your monetization platform.

Mobile Traffic

Mobile Devices – Started from 21-04-2015, Google implemented “mobile friendliness” as a ranking factor in mobile search, meaning that you will be penalize if your web pages are not being mobile responsive!

Mobile searches will contribute more and more website traffic, and the trend is growing rapidly every year, you should not neglect this fact, your website must be responsive, and accessible to receive such high volume of free targeted traffic.

Referrer Traffic

These are diverted traffic mainly from various websites, blogs, forums and other sources which provide links to your website, this shows positive signal since these sites recommend and drive indirect traffic to your website.

The more referrer traffic you receive, the closer you establish as expect and authority in your niche, keep the efforts to engaging more referrer traffic to your site.

Web 2.0 Properties

Web 2.0 sites are basically social type websites where most of the content is user generated.

You can leverage Web 2.0 websites for more backlinks, exposure, and traffic.

There are many different Web 2.0 properties that you can leverage for more traffic.

You simply add your content to them and link to your website if applicable.

Use your core keyword phrases as the title of these properties.

Here are examples:


Article Marketing

Write informative articles that help build credibility, drive targeted traffic, and increase search engine rankings.

Articles increase your online exposure by placing your articles on high traffic, high authority websites

You are simply providing information that people are seeking.

At the end of the articles include a link to your website.

Finally, you submit and distribute the articles to the Articles Directories:

  • Ezine
  • Large
  • Article
  • Article
  • And so on…

Website Traffic Guideline

Keep on creating quality content with great and added value for both visitors and search engines.

Building natural and organic inbound links at the early stage, do not manipulate in the process, or participate in any link-farm sites to prevent penalize by search engines.

Create you YouTube channel to boost your referrer traffic.

Carry out effective affiliate marketing strategies, to boost traffic for your website.

If you monetize with high profit product, you can try to implement paid traffic campaign and online ads to drive targeted traffic.

Get listed on related, high quality niche directories.

Create content on website 2.0 to build up backlinks.

Participate in social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, to drive more traffic to your website. For better results, you can go for active platform, i.e. to create business page on these sites.

Get your website ready for multiple devices accessible, and provide friendly user experience.

Last but not least, you can also consider for launching an online press release for your website, to brand your business.

Website Traffic Solution

Need traffic? Have a product or a service to sell? A high-ticket affiliate program? A membership site to promote but lack of traffics? No worry!

We can provide Targeted Visitors, and Guarantee-Signups Package for you!

We are a professionally managed social media marketing company that has long been involved in the Internet Marketing industry.

We provide Traffics and SEO Services to boost you business effectively!

With the help of the latest social marketing research, search engine optimization and algorithm analysis concepts, we have produced some of the most effective web services in the world to date.

Visit our website now to find out the detail and how to sky rocket your sales in a breeze!

By now you should understand the importance of website traffic, with all these guidelines and tools, you may gain website traffic consistently. 

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