Viral Marketing - Spread Your Brand & Products Info

Viral marketing is a great strategy that utilizes existing social networks to promote a brand and products.

It’s a tactic that involve consumers spread information about a product with other people in their social networks, in the same way that a virus spreads from one person to another.

The goal is to generate interest and the potential market of a brand and product through information that spread like a virus, quickly, and from person to person.

The idea is for it to be done by the users themselves to share the content.

Due to their speed and ease to share, social networks are the ideal platforms of the campaign, a successful viral marketing can generate great results.

Viral Marketing Basics

There are 3 criteria for the basics of viral marketing:

  1. The Messenger
  2. The Message
  3. The Environment

All 3 must be effectively executed in order for a viral marketing to be successful.

Messenger – 3 specific types of messengers are required to ensure the transformation of a specific message into a viral one:

  • Market Mavens
  • Social Hubs
  • Salespeople

Message – Only messages that are both memorable and sufficiently interesting to be passed on to others have the potential to spread like virus.

Environment – The environment is crucial in the rise of successful viral marketing, small changes in the environment lead to huge results, and people are much more sensitive to environment.

Some techniques for effective viral marketing include:

  • Targeting the appropriate audience and channels
  • Creating videos
  • Offering a valuable service or product for free
  • Creating an emotional appeal
  • Social outreach
  • Enabling easy sharing and downloading.

How Viral Marketing Works?

A viral marketing campaign is very simple to carry out – Create a video or other type of content which is attractive to the target audiences, publish it on the platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and trigger the first action to get it moving.

From there on, you can wait for the results and for users to start sharing, and spread like a virus.

In some cases, virality happens by accident, from a video uploaded by a private user that all of a sudden becomes popular and begins to circulate all around the Internet.

As for the dispersion strategy of the videos created by brands, we have two focus points – The Shown or the Concealed.

Shown – The user is aware from the first moment that they are viewing advertising content, while in the latter the participation of the brand is hidden and is only revealed later.

Concealed – It is important to be very careful to avoid the user feel tricked, cheated or deceived, as the viral campaign could then turn against you.

No matter what strategy you choose, you should never ever become spammers, nor go overboard while sharing the content.

Instead of repeating message over and over again, the best strategy is to find the perfect place and time and let the Viral spread itself.

Advantages of Viral Marketing

Low Cost – The characteristic of the campaign is that the users do a significant part of the work for you, which cuts down the cost drastically, and you don’t need any additional paid advertising.

Potential of Great Reach – A viral video on the Internet can reach a huge international audience without you having to make any extra effort. Due to this, a small company or even a private individual can go extremely far.

It is Not Invasive – In viral marketing, the decision to participate and share always comes from the user, and so it never comes across as invasive. Like this, the perception of the brand and the interaction are significantly better, if compared to traditional types of advertising.

Build Up Your Brand – Creating content so incredible that users themselves decide to share it and, hence create a personal connection with your brand. It is without a doubt an extremely powerful tool when it comes to branding and awareness.

High Impact – When you see a message from a known source, it gets more attention and leaves a direct impact on your thought process.

Faster Growth – Social media platforms have been a great help for viral marketing. It has found a wider reach that is very fast as sharing has become easier. Steady and consistent growth will take a business entity ahead of its game.

Global Audience – Viral marketing is not limited to a particular geographical location. Internet and social media platforms have helped it in reaching global audiences in an effective manner

Elements of Viral Marketing

  • Gives away products or services
  • Enables easy transfer to others
  • Scales easily from small to large
  • Exploits common motivations and behaviors
  • Utilizes existing communication networks
  • Takes advantage of others' resources

Give away Products & Services

Free is the most powerful method in a marketer’s strategy, most viral marketing programs give away valuable products or services to attract attention.

Enables Easy Transfer to Others

Viral marketing works efficiently on the Internet because instant communication is easy and inexpensive, the digital format makes copying simple.

Scale Easily from Small to Large

To spread like wildfire, the transmission method must be rapidly scalable from small to very large, you must build in scalability to your viral model.

Exploits Common Motivations & Behaviors

Clever viral marketing plans take advantage of common human motivations. The resulting urge to communicate produces millions of websites and billions of email messages.

Utilizes Existing Communication Networks

Most people are social, each person has 8 to 12 people in her network of friends, family, and associates.

A person’s broader network may consist of scores, hundreds, or thousands of people. Learn to place your message into existing communications between people, and you rapidly multiply its dispersion.

Make Use of Others' Resources

The most creative viral marketing plans use other resources to get the word out. A news release can be picked up by hundreds of periodicals and form the basis of articles seen by hundreds of thousands of readers.

Now someone else’s newsprint or web page is relaying your marketing message. Someone else’s resources are depleted rather than your own.

Growth Commander

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Find out which content and topics have already been proven to be wildly popular so you don’t waste time with publishing content that no one will care about or share.

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So, as you can see, viral marketing is definitely effective to promote your brand and products.

Do it with proper planning and you’ll hit your goal as schedule.

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