Solo Ads - How They Work
& Where to Buy

Solo Ads – If you’re an online newbie, without sufficient traffic sources, especially organic and free traffic, solo ads are the alternative to let you getting started, to either promote products, or building email list.

What are Solo Ads?

Solo ads are email-based advertisements you buy from other email list owners. They’re typically sent as dedicated emails, so the entire message is all about your promotion.

These ads pieces used in email marketing are in order to get traffic, leads, and eventually, make sales. Solo Ads are email ads; this is a type of ads that send through emails which promoting your offer.

Basically, solo ads are calculating by clicks for ordering, which starting from 50 clicks to thousands clicks.

The pricing is based on per click basis, which normally starting from 40 cents to 80 cents per click.

Solo ads are typically offered by one-guy (or one-gal) sellers. In other words, you’re dealing with the list owner directly. Because of this, there’s some risk involved you need to consider.

How it Works

Step 1 – You find a solo ad list you’re interested in.

Step 2 – You contact the owner or buy access to the list from their site. You buy either by how many subscribers your email message will be sent to, or by how many clicks your email will get.

Step 3 – Your supplier will send out the ads according to your choice and email ad.

If all goes well, those subscribers will click, and those clicks will convert well. In the end, you’ll end up with solo ad conversions that cost less than other types of advertising.

Solo Ads Would Work Best for

Marketers who have a bit of budget. That’s enough to do some basic testing with solo ads.

If you’re in a niche where pay per click prices are costly in ROI. In this case, your cost per click from solo ads may be so much less than what you’d get on AdWords or Bing that solo ads are worth a test.

If you’re in a niche that’s completely over saturated with content (like affiliate marketing or weight loss).

If you’re in a niche with intense competition for search engine traffic.

If you’re about to launch a product, or if you need traffic sent to a page quickly. You’ve got no time to write guest posts, build an audience, or do anything that takes more than a few days to see results.

5 Sites to Buy Solo Ads

1.  Udimi

Udimi is an established Solo Ads provider platform that offer by ID-verified sellers, and with top-quality traffic filter, unique rating system and custom tools will make your success inevitable!

Get Instant Sales:

You will always get only high-quality visitors. Our in-house filter automatically removes bot and even low-quality visits.

Visit the Website for more info to get started.

2.  SoloAdsx

At SoloAdsx we Hand-Pick the best Email Ad a.k.a Solo Ads vendors, filter them & list them below every single week for your selection.

The traffic vendors listed here work the best for the home business or the make money online niche.

All the vendors listed here send 100% Human traffic. We update this site every week with only the best vendors in the solo ad space. We double check everything!

Visit the Website for more info to get started.

3.  99 Solo Ads

Why Choose 99 Solo Ads?

  • ​Highly Targeted Solo Ads for BizOpp or Make Money Online niche
  • Best Traffic for Affiliate Marketer, Network Marketer and Info entrepreneur.
  • High quality traffic with affordable price

​Conversion Guarantee – We guarantee you make sales with our Intermediate marketer package or we will send the same amount of traffic for FREE

We know helping my clients getting results is the fastest way to build a long-term business, that's why we decided to partner with the one of the top solo ads seller.

Visit the Website for more info to get started.

4.  Solo Ad Marketplace

The Solo Ad Marketplace:

Buy and Sell Solo Ads the Only Secure, Guaranteed Way!

Get Traffic, Build Your List, and Make Money with Solo Ads.

How to Buy:

  • Find a Solo Ad you like and place an order.
  • Pay for your Solo Ad using Paypal or a credit card.
  • Track the seller's progress, communicate and exchange files.
  • Receive your finished work.
  • You can request fixes from the seller if it is not what you wanted.
  • Provide feedback on the seller and Solo Ad.

Visit the Website for more info to get started.

5.  Clickonomy

Clickonomy is a one-of-a-kind marketplace that enables email marketers buy and sell clicks with ease.

We built Clickonomy with a vision to connect email marketers around the world and provide them with a one-stop solution to email advertising. With one Clickonomy account, you can both buy AND sell clicks.

How it works:

Signup for free – It's really easy to get started with your free Clickonomy account. There are no membership fees. You only pay when you buy clicks.

Setup your profile – Upload your picture, add your bio, add your click packages if you want to sell clicks, setup your payment method, and you're set.

Buy and Sell – The choice is yours. You can both buy AND sell clicks on Clickonomy via our ever-evolving vibrant marketplace.

Experience the magic – List click jobs, message other sellers or buyers, List firesales, Manage your campaigns - It's an EXPERIENCE!

Visit the Website for more info to get started.

So, if you’re ready for a test drive on solo ads for your promotion campaign, this is where you start to receive your clicks today.

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