Make Money Writing Articles Online - 10 Top Sites to Submit

Make money writing articles online is one of the effective ways you can earn income consistently.

Your income solely depends on your writing skills, and experience, if you’re just started, you have to be patient to build up your expertise and credibility before you can earn decent income.

Make Money Writing Articles Online -
5 Beginner Sites

Below are 5 top sites for Beginner  to get started:

1.  iWriter

iwriter is a platform the provides custom content services that includes Articles, Article Rewrites, Blog Posts, eBooks, Product Descriptions, And More…

Visit the website for more info to get started

2.  Textbroker

Textbroker is a leading content creation platform, which provides custom blog posts, product descriptions or entire outreach campaigns for clients worldwide.

Payment - You have to take an assessment test to determine the rating of your skill. 

Visit the website for more info to get started to make money writing articles online.

3.  Problogger

This is a platform you can get lots of helpful information, resources and tools for blogs and freelance writing related topics.

You can also can get tons of freelance writing jobs here.

Visit the website for more info to get started.

4.  Online Writing Jobs

How It Works:

Become a Member and Access Online Writing Jobs

Online Writing Jobs is looking for talented freelance writers with strong writing skills and an even stronger motivation to create great website content for the brands and companies we work with.

Payment rates vary depending upon the type of content, your level of authority and expertise.

The deadline, and the required length of the article can all impact the amount of money you receive for a given article.

That said, on the low end, we pay around $15, though some projects will pay as much as $50.

Visit the website for more info to get started to make money writing online.

5.  Writer Access

Writer Access is one of the leading platforms which provides content creation and connecting thousands of customers with professional writers, editors and content strategists around the globe.

How much you can earn?

Basic Marketplace - Access the Basic Marketplace for projects priced by the word ranging from 2 to 10 cents depending on the quality clients demand.

Pro Marketplace - Access the Pro Marketplace for higher quality work requirements priced by the word (11 cents to $2), flat rate fee or hourly rate.

Verified Rates - Secure your spot in the Pro Marketplace fees with new Verified Pay Rates.

Visit the website for more info to get started.

Make Money Writing Articles Online - 
5 High Paying Sites

After you’ve gained experienced and expertise, you can go for these 5  high paying sites for more writing jobs.

1.  Listverse

Listverse - The original Top 10 site - serves over 30 million pages a month to more than eight million readers.

We publish lists that intrigue and educate, specializing in the bizarre or lesser-known trivia.

How it works:

You write your list (10 items per list minimum), you send it in, we reply and say “Great - we’ll publish it” and send you $100 by PayPal.

Or we reply and say “Sorry - it isn’t the sort of thing our readers will love - give it another shot.”

Just remember, your list should be at least one or two paragraphs per entry.

Hints & Tips:

  • Lists must be your own work
  • Must include 10 items
  • Lists should be roughly 1,800 words (including introduction)
  • Include quality online sources (not Wikipedia or editable content) that verify facts for each item on your list
  • Format the sources according to the Author’s Guide.

Visit the website for more info to get started.

2.  Writers Weekly

WritersWeekly - Electronic magazine featuring new and updated markets and articles on selling the written word (making more money through writing) as well as information on publishing and self-publishing.

Current Needs: Queries.

Feature: We are seeking articles on various ways writers can make money from their writing - unique assignments, corporate services, self-publishing, marketing and networking advice, alternative products and services that writers can pursue and sell.

We also seek articles on how authors can successfully market their books to the public, as well as warnings about industry scams or about businesses may not necessarily be scams, but that may be a waste of money for writers and authors.

Visit the website for more info to get started make money writing articles online.

3.  Funds for Writers

FundsforWriters is an online resource for writers.

We give you direction on the funding streams. We focus on markets, competitions, awards, grants, publishers, agents, and jobs for your writing abilities, with motivation chucked in.

Freelance Submission Process for FundsforWriters:

  • Articles should fall between 500 and 600 words.
  • Each FundsforWriters newsletter lists only one article – short and sweet and to the point.
  • So make each word count, give it a beginning, middle, and ending.
  • It must be about earning a living as a writer.

Visit the website for more info to get started to make money writing articles online.

4.  Make A Living Writing

Carol Tice started the Make a Living Writing blog in 2008 to share her experiences freelancing since 2005, to show writers ways to move up from content mills and other low-paying markets.

Visit the blog for more info to get started to make money writing articles online.

5.  Wow Women On Writing

This is a global magazine, designed to support women's creativity, energy, blood, sweat and tears, throughout all stages of the writing process.

Visit the website for more info to get started.

You can “Contact” to get details on how to submit your article.

With all these resources, you can now start make money writing articles online to earn income.

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