Make Money with Sales Funnels
- 5 Simple Steps to Carry Out

Make money with sales funnels – Sales Funnels no doubt is an effective marketing to promote your business and products.

If you can carry out accordingly and properly, this marketing will increase your sales and profits significantly.

What is Sales Funnels?

Sales funnels is a marketing process that you lead your customers to experience different stages as they go from Prospect > Lead > Customer > Repeat or Upgrade Buyer.

In other words, sales funnels refer to the transaction process that you lead customers through when promoting products, by different steps, from target audience to loyal customer.

Why You Need Sales Funnels?

Studied had indicated that majority of consumers are not likely to make decision and purchase at first expose to a product, even they’re very interested to get to know more about it.

For example, a visitor surfs your site, read an article about a product you post for promotion, but in the end leave without any further action.

So, you won’t have any contact info such as email to follow up such new prospect, most probably you will lose that sale if that visitor never returns, these happen every now and then.

So, you need to make money with Sales Funnels!

How Sales Funnels Works

Sales funnels is the marketing process with several steps, which depending on the particular sales and offer model.

A typical successful sales funnels process is comprising 7 stages which include:

1.  Awareness Stage

This is the first step which you drive traffic to your landing page, or squeeze page to expose an offer with entice description that try to attract target audiences to submit their emails for further actions.

2.  Interest Stage

Target audience attract with your presented offer, show interest in your product or service, and subscribe to your list for more information

3.  Evaluation Stage

Once they signup, immediately they will be redirected to a sales page, with all the products info and a call to action that ask the prospects to make a decision.

From here, your sales funnels will trigger email marketing to follow-up with messages and reminder, which deliver further beneficial product’s info to drive sales.

4.  Decision Stage

Your prospects are convinced that your product can fulfill their needs, solve their problems, and decide to pull out their credit cards.

5.  Transaction Stage

Your customers make the payment, and the product will be delivered, as well as bonus if applicable.

6.  Upselling Stage

You will follow up your existing customers with emails that upsell higher end product, to provide more beneficial and better service.

7.  Reselling Stage

Your customer decide to upgrade and purchase higher end product, so with the same customer, you can make more sales and profits.

You can repeat the process and try to upsell third and fourth higher end products to achieve more sales if applicable.

So, the formula of make money with sales funnels is simply:

Get traffic > Build your subscriber list > Convert that traffic into sales > Identify existing customers to upsell higher end products.

5 Steps to Make Money with Sales Funnels

Before you can start the campaign to make money with sales funnels, you should have prepared some necessary tools to start rolling.

Step 1 - Prepare Your Offer

Choose a product that provides multiple offers that can upsell and downsell, this is extremely important since with the same amount of works, you can have potential multiple sales from a single customer.

Step 2 - Prepare Your Marketing Tools

You will prepare all necessary landing pages, sales pages, banners, to capture emails at beginning stage, and promotional emails for follow up at later stage.

If you also want to promote with paid traffic, it’s time to set up the advertising campaign.

Step 3 - Launch Your Campaign

You’re ready with all necessary promotional and marketing tools.

So, you’ll start driving traffic to your offer with various free and paid traffic sources.

Step 4 - Follow up Your Prospects & Customers

Check your subscribers list, to identify who was taken action to become your customer, and who hasn’t.

Follow up your existing customers with emails that upsell to higher end products.

For subscribers that are not buying, you can then offer with low-end product (downsell) if applicable, in order to get the sales, once the subscriber become your customer, you can promote and upsell in future.

These different funnels can be set up as automation, with program such as Click Funnels.

Step 5 - Evaluate & Measure

If you’re conducting paid advertising to drive traffic, it’s time to check the efficiency, and the ROI of the campaign.

If it’s not up to your expectation, try to measure with a Plan-B and compare the results for further actions to achieve the best result.

Same action with free traffic, you will evaluate which channel generate the best performance, which was not producing satisfactory result, you can consider for further actions to improve the result.

Plan and Take Action

Do you want to build a mailing list of your targeted audiences who are interested in your niche so that you can introduce them to new offers?

Are you looking to start selling right away by creating a traditional sales funnel that begins with a low-cost front-end product?

Do you want to gather important information from prospects through lead magnets, free trials, or free products before introducing them to paid offers?

Identify the main objective of the top of your sales funnels first and then build your funnels around that.

If you’re ready to make money with sales funnels, Click Funnels is your solution, you can start a 14 days Free Trial with no obligation, to start building your sales funnels.

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