Make Money with PLR Products
- 11 Easy Ways to Monetize

How to make money with PLR Products?

There are 11 easy ways to utilize and monetize your PLR products.

Before that let’s get to know more about PLR?

What is PLR Product?

PLR - Private Label Rights

This is the most common type of resell rights available, with this label, you can modify, use and resell the products as your wish.

Most of the PLR products come with the raw source file for you to edit as you like.

You can add, remove certain words, insert links, and save as PDF version. So, you can modify to improve the product to suit your need before reselling and distributing.

If you wish, you can put your name, or brand on the product, as the author or creator, before reselling.

MRR - Master Resell Rights

With this label, you to use and resell the products, and resell the ‘resell rights’ to other users.

For MRR products, you can sell them but not for modification, meaning you resell such products as they come.

With these MRR products, you can make money from selling the products directly, you can also sell the ‘resell rights’ to other users, this is why many marketers prefer MRR products.

RR - Resell Rights

This is a basic resell rights label, with this label, you can use and resell the products to end users.

This means you can use the products yourself, and you can resell the products to your customers.

PUO - Personal Use Only

With this label, the products are usually meant for personal use only.

This means you can only use the products yourself but can’t resell them nor give away for free or as bonus.

GR - Giveaway Rights

With this label, you can give the products away as free gifts. You can give away them completely free, or bundle them with other products as bonuses.

If the products with this label also come with Master Resell Rights, you can sell them, sell the rights to others to sell them, and give away.

How to Make Money with PLR Products

Here are the best 11 ways to utilize and make money with PLR products:

1.  Sell PLR Products Directly on Your Websites

You can monetize PLR products by selling them directly on your websites or blogs.

From your web content, provide links and lead visitors to your Sales Page to generate sales. Before that, your sales page has to integrate with simple shopping cart system to receive payments.

Instead of finding affiliate products to promote, which only get a percentage of the profit, why not sell your own PLR products which keep 100% profits, over and over again.

2.  Sell PLR Products through Your Email List

If you’ve built up your email list, a good way to make money with PLR products is by email marketing.

There’s a great potential if you have a good list, by sending a series of email to your list to promote your PLR products, you may get good results if you can write good copy of emails.

3.  Use PLR Content for Your Websites and Blogs

Content is King – Quality content that deliver valuable information to audiences is the key to success for any online presence. The main problems of this issue are the time, efforts and the ability to complete the tasks.

So, you can utilize PLR articles to feed your website with quality content. Try not to copy directly, modify and rewrite them with your unique style.

You can use these products – articles, videos, infographics and etc. – as content that would provide value and presell your visitors to buy what you are selling or promoting.

4.  Offer PLR Products for Free to Grow Email List

Utilize PLR Products to attract and capture email of your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, completing a CPA offer, or other promotion campaign.

This will help you generate leads and develop your email list that would ultimately enable you to carry out email marketing to promote and make money with PLR products.

5.  Use PLR Content in Your Newsletter

Newsletters are online publications you create and send frequently to subscribers in your email list. Depends your time spending and efforts, newsletters should send frequently in weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Newsletters are best for engaging your subscribers, and converting leads and sales. With PLR articles you can publish a steady stream of content into your newsletter campaigns to feed your subscribers.

This saves you a lot of time and efforts of creating a bunch of high-quality content from scratch.

You can make money with PLR products with newsletters by deliver valuable information, building relationship and trust, and then promoting your product and offers directly to your subscribers.

6.  Use PLR Products to Run Membership Site

You can make money with PLR products with a membership site, if you carry out the right marketing, and deliver useful information for your subscribers.

In this way, you can earn long term and growing income from members who subscribe to your membership site.

In the first place, you must put great efforts to maintaining a profitable membership site. You need a steady stream of quality content to fulfill your members requirement and needs.

So, you can fully utilize the PLR content to maintain and grow your membership site consistently.

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7.  Create and Sell eBooks with PLR Products

You can certainly make money with PLR products by creating and selling eBooks. These PLR eBooks and PLR articles can help you create one or more eBooks that would earn you income over and over again.

You can use a series of PLR eBook or articles to write one or more eBooks, and then promote and sell these eBooks to your prospects.

That said, with PLR eBooks or articles would provide the ideas and content you can use to create the new eBooks, saving you so much time and effort in doing everything from scratch.

8.  Selling Online Course with PLR Products

Selling online course is a great way to make money with PLR Products.

You can certainly find turnkey online courses which interest you with these PLR products, you can then market and sell these courses to earn long term passive income.

For example, you can join Udemy; one of the best platforms to sell online courses, your just need to set up your course once, and the rest will be handled by Udemy, of course you can market and advertise your courses for better results.

So, you just need one-time small investment, in return to produce a passive income for long term consistently.

9.  Offer PLR Products as Bonuses

If you have a main product you are promoting, you can offer a bonus of one or more PLR products to help you boost sales.

You can utilize this ‘Bonus’ to help you get a lot more people to buy from you.

The bonus products you offer must be relevant to the main product and deliver useful information to your customers.

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10.  Distributing You Branded PLR Products

You can establish your brand and build up multiple funnels by offering and distributing free branded versions of your PLR products. This is a proven tactic by many established marketers and many more are still doing it.

So, you will leave your link, business brand and name on the PLR products with GR Label, so your brand and image are easily established by thousands of readers who  also help to distribute the products.

Eventually, you will benefit for more sales and profits by those back-links to your site for long term.

11. Joint Venture with Other Marketers

You can partner with other marketers to create and promote eBooks, videos, software and etc. with PLR products.

Your joint venture business can bring better value and solution to promote and make money with PLR products.

There are many online marketers who have websites, blogs or list of subscribers but might not have the right products to fulfill their audiences.

If you can find these people and work out a great partnership, both parties can make decent revenue.

Now that you’ve all these methods to make money with PLR products, but where to get them?

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