Make Money with Membership Site - Earn Recurring Revenue

Make Money with Membership Site is an ideal model for you to serve as a growing and continuity income source.

The concept is to create a mini site to recruit paid membership, and in return, you deliver valuable insider information which fulfill your members need and solve their problems.

Make Money with Membership site - The Ideas

There are many kinds of member sites that cover niches market, your goal is to develop a stable and growing income source, instead of making a one-time sale of a product or service, the membership site brings new, repeated income every month.

Options of subjects to develop membership site include:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Fitness
  • Marketing
  • Copy writing
  • Social media expertise
  • Dating
  • Options trading
  • Finances
  • Entertainment
  • Lifestyle
  • Diet & Weight loss
  • And so on…

Some of the offer options you may consider:

Offer some content free and then charge a fee for more in-depth access, or access to special kinds of content.

Offer downloads of audio or video content, free graphics, free software and e-books that is only available to members.

Offer webinars to members. The webinars are often recorded as video, audio and also transcribed, creating more special content that is behind the pay wall.

Fees Charges

You can really make money with membership site, depending on your niche and topic, and the resources offered within the membership area:

  • Forums
  • Personal access to industry professionals
  • Special niche communities
  • Free software applications and e-books
  • Regular updates
  • And so on…

Monthly access fees can range from $5.99 to $49.99 and up.

Fees collections for membership vary widely, they can be billed monthly, quarterly, annually, or even lifetime memberships. It’s depending on your niche and target group of customers.

The key word here is "monthly", and "recurring revenues". If you have built up a large presold traffic base, it will convert a fair percent into members; this recurring monetization model can indeed reward you well.

Factors Require to Make Money with Membership Site

Managing a successful membership site is not an easy job; you need a lot of works, the key to develop your membership site is – Quality.

Unique with Demand

You must create unique and valuable product that can’t be found elsewhere, especially when compare with those “Free Available Information” on the internet.

And your niche should not be too broad or too narrow, which provides enough target customers for you to sustain initially, and high potential to develop to achieve high volume of memberships.


You are ready in the full-time, professional, content creation and research business. In order to ensure members are willing to renew their subscriptions each month, there must always be plenty of fresh and up-to-date material delivered to the membership area.

Customer retention for a steady, reliable income stream is dependent on regular, even daily updates. It means you must over deliver plenty of new content that's not easily accessible elsewhere online.

High Targeted Traffic

High traffic indicates targeted visitors are interest in your business niche; it also supplies high volumes of presold visitors to the doorstep of your membership site.

High traffic also means that you can build your subscription numbers up fast. It takes as much work to maintain a membership site for 10 people as it is for 1,000.

High Number of Email List

You should have a well-established newsletter with a large number of subscribers.

These newsletter subscribers are the most targeted members of your audience, they trust and respect you, with your regular, high-quality publications which have been doing well.

As a result, they will be very receptive to your pre-selling message about your membership site

Resources, Financial & Manpower

You'll need the resources, financial and personnel to make your business successful.

Can you devote enough time a day to adding new content, maintaining your site, providing support to your customers and so on?

Do you have the resources available to ensure regular updates to your material?

If you personally cannot make the commitment, could you find someone to work for you and maintain the site?

The financial commitment required will vary according to your business, what you want to offer and how much of it, and whether you hire staff.

If you plan to do all the work yourself, the costs will be minimal per month, just for the necessary software.

But if you need to add an employee, want to purchase PLR products to provide them to your members, or decide to hire programmers to set up your product, then your monthly costs will soar.

The best way is to start small to make money with membership site.

Unique and Outstanding

Your membership site should be unique, irresistible with special offer to attract members to join.

What will you offer visitors to differentiate yourself to outstanding from the competition?

  • How will you entice them to sign up?
  • What is your secret weapon?
  • Is there any appealing bonus to add on to the product?

This has to be all figured out beforehand!

Preparation for Content

You'll need plenty of pre-prepared content to populate your membership site.

You have to ensure your subscribers are impressed and satisfied by the quality and quantity of your content, from the first to future subscribes.

So, you must get ready and have plenty of back up information content, at the moment you go live with your membership site.

You must also not to neglect keep on creating your free content, which draws and presell targeted audiences from your traffic sources.

Prepare to Learn

Be prepared for the learning curve that accompanies by your professional membership site service.

Study carefully for this monetization model before you jump on board, the opportunities are fantastic, but it requires a huge amount of works.

Determine whether you have the time and resources to commit to the project to make money with membership site.

Resources to Run Membership Site

If you have decided to start this project, you will need hosting and software to run the business. Here are few solutions for you.

AuthPro – This is rather basic model but it covers almost everything you need. It has a free version which limits to 10 members.

Visit the website for more info to make money with membership site.

WishList Member

WishList Member – is a plug-in for WordPress. According to the developers, WishList Member is easy to use and integrates flawlessly with WordPress.

For a one-time cost of $197 for a single-site license, you'll get access to their customer center, 30+ training videos, detailed support guides, 1 year of unlimited updates and 1 year of unlimited support.

With a multi-site license for $297, they throw in a few extra bonuses, like two custom themes, 300 icons and some advanced trainings.

Visit the website for more info to make money with membership site.

Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot's Membership Management Software has everything you need in one solution.

You can have all these features to run your membership site:

  • Membership Management - Attract, renew, and manage members
  • Event registration - Increase event attendance
  • Online Payments - Accept and track online payments
  • Email System - Communicate with your members and supporters
  • Website Builder - Build a new website, or connect with your current one
  • Mobile Solutions - Manage your organization from your mobile device

Visit the website for more information to get started.

You may consider the factors, your foundation, before your decided to make money with membership site.

If your business is not ready to jump into the membership site monetization model just yet, you can continue to build your business as usual, and make the move when you feel you have the foundation necessary to make money with membership site successfully.

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