Make Money with
Email Marketing

Make money with email marketing - Email marketing is the online marketing effort to process emailing to target customers, and visitors who subscribes to your email list.

This begins with collecting and building email list, then you can carry out email marketing strategy.

It’s an essential marketing to promote products, and services, it can also encourage your subscribes to revisit your website and establish the credibility of your personal brand.

How to Make Money with Email Marketing

There are 2 types of email marketing plan you can implement:

1.  Promote by Newsletter

On your website, you place an email submit form to entice your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter.

To make it effective, you should include a bonus such as a Free eBook, Report, Coupon and etc. Your bonus must be relevant and provide value to your subscribers.

This is a long-term effort to build up your subscribe list, the more subscribers you obtain, the higher potential you can make big money with your list, in fact, this is your greatest online asset that value the most for your online business

Design and Frequency

Make a special design for your email format to form your newsletter; it should be unique and identical, which easily recognize by your subscribers.

Depends your efforts and time devoted, you can issue a weekly, fortnightly or monthly newsletter, no matter which frequency you decided, make sure to provide valuable information to subscribers through your newsletter.

When you have built up your subscriber list, you can start promoting products and services in your newsletter to make money with email marketing.

Since your subscribers were already knew and liked you, your conversion rate should be very high, if you can offer products and services that value and can help your subscribers.

2.  Direct Promoting  by Auto-Responder

Step 1 - Select Product for Promotion

You should have, if not, find a good product to promote, a product that has sales funnels that can upsell for higher levels and services, and also provided with promotional material such as  Banners, Landing Pages, Opt In Pages, to capture emails.

Step 2 - Create Auto-Responder Campaign List

This is to create a series of sequence emails which ready to send out to your subscribers daily to follow up your promotion.

Your series should at least consist of 7 emails, and can up to 30 emails for 30 days if you wish.

Step 3 - Launch Your Campaign

Start promoting by driving traffic to your product’s landing page, or capture page which has an email submit form, in order to let your visitors fill in their email addresses.

In order to carry out successfully, you might consider paid traffic for effectiveness, or you just want to start with free organic traffic, the choice is up to you.

Step 4 - Monitoring & Follow Up

When any visitor take action and subscribe to your list, the auto-responder will trigger and start emailing daily, starting from the moment which signup and sent out the first email.

After that the remaining emails will send out daily according to your setting.

Now you should monitor the status on click through rate and successful rate for making sales, counter measure by adjustment if necessary, to improve the result.

In the first place, you must have your auto-responder provider, such as GetResponse, Mialchimp, Aweber or other provider, to create your auto-responder list.

As for me, I’m using Getresponse, which have an affordable pricing for starter package.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Build relationship with your subscribers
  • Preselling your products and services      
  • Promote your website      
  • Learn from subscribers’ feedback, and responses to gain experience  
  • Gathering Information by request and survey form.      
  • To promote and conducting a series of online course

And so on…   

Email Marketing Resources


GetResponse is a complete online marketing solution.

It provides turnkey newsletter publishing and hosting features, as well as unlimited follow-up autoresponders, landing pages, webinars, and other necessary tools to help you make money online with email marketing.

Visit the website for more info to get started.

Mini Course Formula

Mini-Course Formula reveals how you can make money online with email marketing, by creating mini-course, and promoting easily.

Visit the website for more information

By now you should have known how to make money with email marketing, take action today to generate income you deserve.

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