Make Money Answering Questions

Make money answering questions – Now you can earn income online with your knowledge and expertise in related field, by just answering questions in these selected websites.

These questions are asked by the users of these websites who want to learn a particular topic, or to solve a problem.

What Type of Questions to be Answered

There are many topics that you can select to participate, if you’re knowledgeable in topics such as:

  • Academic
  • Business
  • Health care
  • Computer science
  • Medical
  • Law
  • Engineering
  • And so on…

 Besides the professional and expert topics, there are also general related subjects such as:

  • Relationship
  • Parenting
  • Entertainment
  • Wedding
  • Jobs
  • Firearms
  • Etiquette
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Clock Repair
  • Genealogy
  • Fraud Examiner
  • And so on…

If you’re qualify, you can make money answering questions online with any particular subject.

8 Sites to Make Money Answering Questions

1.  School Solver

School Solver connects people who need help with their assignments and assignment solvers.

You can find assignments questions that you can solve, and post your answers.

How it Works?

When you find a question worth answering, add your answer to the question.

This will notify the question author and to access your answer, and they will have to buy it, if they have, you will receive money in your School Solver account.

Visit the website for more info to get started.

2.  Just Answer

Just Answer is a platform that allows people that need consultation, to ask question and let professionals and experts to answer at an offer price.

You can apply as an expert in 3 easy steps:

Step 1 - Select your Category. Start by finding and selecting your category. Apply to as many categories as you like.

Step 2 - Submit your information. Upload a resume or enter your personal information, work history, and education.

Step 3 - Submit professional credentials. Requirements vary by category. Start the application to learn more.

Visit the website for more info to make money answering questions.

3.  Fixya

Fixya is a community-based troubleshooting resource that provides consumer generated, practical product tips to help consumers get answers on over 19 million products.

Fixya is a place where individuals can share real world experiences and connect to provide each other practical advice.

You can signup as an expert to make money answering question within your expertise.

Visit the website for more info to get started.

4.  Ask Wonder is a platform that provide research services for individual and companies to assign projects, with quick answers.

How it Works for freelance researchers:

  • Visit the research dashboard when you're ready to start working.
  • We'll assign you a request to work on.
  • Find answers/sources and synthesize your findings.
  • Submit your work and celebrate!

Visit the website for more info to get started.

5.  Weegy

Weegy is a place that answer questions from users, it is operating with Artificial Intelligent, powered by an advanced knowledge engine, and also live experts.

You can make money answering questions by register as an expert in the platform, you have to ready to accept assignment in very short time, before it passes to another expert.

Visit the website for more info to get started.

6.  Help Owl is a place to help people get answers as quickly as possible via the experts who provide answers as well as from several automated processes that present relevant information that we have collected including manuals, videos, vendor web sites and much more.

Our website allows people who are comfortable with self-help to find many resources in one place, and, for those people who prefer direct help from an expert, there is a full-featured question and answer option.

Join this site and answer questions to earn points, you can exchange your points for gift cards to leading merchants. It's easy to accumulate points and trade them in for the prize of your choice!

Visit the website for more info to get started.

7.  Ether

Since 1999, connects knowledgeable specialists with consumers needing their expertise and services.

Consumers get personalized advice and information over the phone and through email from specialists in a range of fields when they need it, anytime and anywhere.

You can earn money selling what you say to others over the phone or through email.

How it works:

  • Get your free Ether Phone Number
  • Set your rate
  • Take calls only when you want to
  • Market yourself
  • Phone me the money

Visit the website for more info to make money answering questions.

8.  AQA 63336

AQA 63336 is an AI-enabled Q&A service that answers to various questions through a combination of databases and human researchers.

You can signup with this site to make money answering question.

Visit the website for more info to get started.

You can signup with as many as you like if you’re qualify to make money answering questions with all these websites.

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