Content Strategy - Building Free & Targeted Traffic

Content Strategy is the proper way to build free and targeted traffic to your website, it’s essential for developing any kind of online business effectively.

With proper content strategy, your web-pages will attract visitors to revisit frequently, easier get found by visitors, consequently will score high position for search engine ranking and receive free and targeted traffic consistently.

Proper Content Strategy

Content Strategy utilizes engaging, credible, and trustworthy content and media to communicate information to enhance your strategic goals, and for target audiences to engage, and make important decisions.

It includes 3 important factors:

Know your target visitors - Identify and know your target group of visitors and focus on what your visitors’ needs and wants.

Study and understand “search intent” for your target visitors, before creating content for web pages to publish.

Aiming your strategic goals - You will create content for the purpose which leading your target visitors, step by step toward your strategy goals.

Crafting and execute engaging content to lead and propel your target visitors toward your “most wanted response” to achieve your goals.

Over deliver valuable information - You will create quality content that over deliver valuable information to serve target visitors for engaging and interacting.

By creating content that answer and solve your visitor’s questions and problems, fulfill their wants and needs, you can build up your credibility and establish as an authority in your niche.

Content Strategy for Target Audiences

Who's the target audience for your content? For how many types of targeted audiences are you creating content?

Just as your business might have more than one type of customer, your content strategy can cater to more than one type of reader or viewer.

Using a variety of content types and channels will help you deliver different content to each type of audience you have in mind and engage everyone your website, or promotion offer does business with.

Types of Content Marketing

You can utilize different type of content with specific type of media and marketing, to suit your requirement, and to make sure to drive more targeted traffic effectively.

Web Pages or Blog Posts – should be published regularly in order to attract new visitors. Posts should provide valuable content for your audience that makes them inclined to share posts on social media and across other websites.

eBooks – Lead-generation tools that potential customers can download after submitting a lead form with their email. They're longer, more in-depth, which are written to attract visitors to a website.

Case Studies – Also known as testimonials, are your opportunity to tell the story of a customer who succeeded in solving a problem by working with you.

Templates – A handy content format to distribute because they generate leads for you while providing tremendous value to your audiences.

Infographics – Organize and visualize data in a more compelling way than words alone. These are great content formats to use if you're trying to share a lot of data in a way that is clear and easy to understand.

Videos – A highly engaging content medium that are shareable across social media platforms and websites alike.

Podcasts - Starting a podcast will help audiences find your brand if they don't have time or interest in reading content every day, and the number of podcast listeners is growing every now and then.

Social Media Post – Posting on social media, is an important marketing for your brand's reach and delivering your content to your target audiences where you know they spend their time.

On Page Criteria for Web Page

Quality Content – Creating good content to delivers valuable information is always the core and foundation of your website; it’s the critical factor to achieve your goals.

There are also some essential factors to carry out in order to meet on-page criteria.

Keyword Prominent – Apply the specific keyword in your headline, first paragraph of article, focus more on the beginning and conclusion, and then allocated evenly within the entire content.

Make sure to keep it natural for visitors to read, do not overload by purposely inserting keywords all over the content, it may become weird, resulting manipulated and penalized by search engines. 

Page Length – There is no fix requirement, it does matter how broad the topic to covering, too short with little information will hard to engage, gain credibility, and too long with bulky sentences will scare away visitors.

A reasonable length should be from 400 to 1000 words, and should carry on to fully covering the subject concern.

Image and Video – Since images are also part of the content, especially for visual niche, it’s essential to use images, infographics and videos to enhance value, impression and experience for your content.

These also will score for search engine algorithm, and stand out from competitors.

Unique Voice – Create your own unique voice and proposition, right form your home-page, with your unique style, engage and interact with your target visitors.

Let visitors like you as friend; trust your recommendation on product and service.

Write for Visitors – You content is creating for your target group of visitors’ needs and wants, not your own interest.

Internet is a rushing world, with limited time; every visitor is searching information for targeted specific topic and subject.

Content Creating Tools

If you’re facing problem or simply do not have enough time to create content in long term process, you may consider outsourcing or use the following tools to create content in simple steps.

Content Professor

Content Professor Is the All-In-One Solution for Content Creation!

With the click of your mouse, Content Professor lets you create hundreds - or even thousands - of articles from a single "seed" article in less than 30 seconds.

The new Content Professor is much more than a article spinner. It allows you to take and modify content quickly, then make it your own, all FREE from your house, work, office or phone.

Visit the website for more info to start creating content.

Chimp Rewriter

Chimp Rewriter takes your content creation to the next level.

With a combination of intelligent automatic rewriting and dedicated manual spinning tools, the effort required to churn out mountains of content is reduced to a fraction of that required by traditional methods.

Chimp Rewriter gives you your time back. run your business instead of worrying about writing.

Use Chimp Rewriter to manage your content creation needs, and put the time you spend dealing with writers to work scaling your business.

Visit the website for more info to get started.

By now, you may carry out proper content strategy to build a strong foundation, and establish as a successful affiliate marketer.

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