Build Website - First Step to Develop Online Business

Build Website – Create your first website is the crucial step to actually take serious action to start building your online business.

This is a smart choice if you’re planning to be your own boss, to live and works where and when at your choice.

Preliminary Stage to Build Website

This is actually the most important stage for you to plan and prepare in advance to build website, such as select hosting, finding niche and doing keyword research.

Choose Your Niche

You will choose a topic, a subject that you love the most, this is your site concept that you’ll be handling for long term, without passion, it’s not easy to maintain the persistence and motivation to keep on consistently to build website.

If you are interested or passionate about the niche that’s ideal, but not required, most important is that you’re willing to learn and create content consistently to develop your website and online business.

How to Pick a  Niche?

Find a niche where there are not too broad which difficult to rank, and not too narrow to have enough traffic for monetization.

Find an area that has lots of topics that you could write content on that, and also with reasonable demand to gain traffic.

Make sure there are profitable products and affiliate programs for monetization.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the beginning stage to build website, it’s important to plan a blueprint to develop your website.

Determine your site concept keyword is extremely important, which will be the center of your website, and derive how many tiers, subject, and content you can create for your website.

At this crucial stage, you’ll need research tool to brainstorming keywords, provide value of demand and supply for particular keywords for your selection, and determine which is the best keyword to use.

You should reserve and keep enough keywords to create sufficient content to develop your website and online business.

Select Your Web Hosting

The main function and services of web hosting is to provide all kind of tools, system, and guidance for you to build website, basically in DIY basis, and to keep your website online and operate permanently.

It’s crucial for you to select a credible web hosting, especially if you’ve no experience in this field, you will have to learn how to use the tools and system to build website from scratch.

We highly recommend SBI! – Your online business builder; it’s a comprehensive, all in one e-business website building system.

This is the system which is friendly user, with step by step guidance, full support, and provides everything you need to build a successful online business, in easy ways.

The system will provide tools for you to complete the beginning stage, to find your ideal niche and brainstorming keyword research and analysis for preparation to build your website.

Domain Name

You will need a domain name before you can start building website and publish online.

A good domain name is short, less than 20 characters, easy to spell and remember.

Includes all or partly of your site concept keyword, which clearly indicate your site info and business.

Preferable ending with dot com, and without any dashes, although it’s not easily available at present, due to bulk volume of website published.

Start Building Stage

You will start to learn how to use all the tools and the system on how to create your website, this process is normally beginning by choosing a template, if you’re not going to build from scratch, which creating everything from zero.

If you really have the time and interest, you can have your own HTML editor to build your website, please make sure your HTML files can upload and work seamlessly with your web host’s system.

It’s more practical to focus on your business, create more content; by utilizing your web host’s system and tools to build web pages.

Organize & Visualize Structure

Sketch your website structure, a typical website structure is like a pyramid; it arrays into 3 rows, the home page is at the top, then follows by tier-2 pages and finally to tiers-3 pages or even tier-4 pages if necessary.

Organize your specific keywords with spread sheet software, arrange keywords into different groups and visualize to 3 layers structure.

Website Design

Website design is also an important task to build your website, you may learn some simple knowledge and skills to start the process.

If you’re not familiar with web design, you can select a site template, and then edit and make some changes to suit your niche and meet your requirement.

You can follow one principle, keep it simple; no fancy, multiple colors and any flashing image apply to your site.

Provide simple and clear navigation system, easy scanning and reading experience for your visitors.

Home Page

You will create your home page with the site concept keyword; this is the center and most important page for your website.

This is your most visited page; you will show your visitors what you will offer and deliver.

It’s important to provide clear navigation at your home-page, let your visitors easily deepen into your site, as to search for tier-2, and tier-3 pages.

Create your Unique Selling Proposition and apply into your home page’s Head Line, show your target visitors this is the site for them, and attract them to stay on your site.

Tier-2 Pages

Select specific keywords which can derive to several related pages (tier-3), to become a mini site.

You will plan and create approximate 5 to 15 tier-2 pages; each of them will derive into 5 to 25 tier-3 pages, depends on your niche and how many pages you’ve planned for your entire website. Common informative websites normally can comprise more than 100 pages.

The navigation bars on the Nav-Column are built for tier-2 menus, and should be noticeably easily by your visitors.

Each of these tier-2 pages is like a mini site with a main subject which can split into several tier-3 pages.

Links are very important for tier-2 page; it wills links back to home page, and also links to all relevant tier-3 pages.

Link to your affiliate program’s site, naturally with text link, or image.

Tier-3 Pages

Each of the tier-3 pages will be a sub-topic of related tier-2 page.

Provide quality content to serve your audiences and focus on monetization.

Remember to link back to its related tier-2 and home page.

Start Building Web Pages

Now is the time to build website after all the hard works and preparation.

Starting with building your home page.

  • Next is a Tier-2 pages
  • Upcoming is the Tier-3 Pages.
  • Keep on building tier-2 and tier-3 pages.

You will also need to create pages:

About Us – A brief information to introduce your-self and your business

Contact Us – Way to contact you, normally by email form provided.

Privacy Policy – Some necessary information to clarify your position  

Disclaimer – Some necessary information to clarify situation about monetization.

Disclosure – To clarify about earning commission with affiliate programs and other products, to let the readers understanding the possible influence of your information connection with the program/product concern.

Such disclosure should appear on the same page where the link appear, and they must be clear, conspicuous, and require no additional user interaction to read, such as clicking a link, scrolling or hovering over an element.

You should also add other necessary tools & functions:

  • Social media buttons
  • Email subscription box
  • Contact form
  • Commend box

And other necessary tools…

By now you should have learned how to build website for your online business.

After you’ve built around 15 pages, start implement appropriate online marketing strategies to build your website traffic.

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