Article Marketing - Building Backlinks & Promote Products

Article Marketing – If you have a new website or blog, and need organic search traffic to start your online business, try to promote your own products, and also affiliate products, article marketing is the great way to practice.

What is Article Marketing?

Article Marketing is a form of marketing that distribute articles on various websites, and platforms for the purpose of promoting a specific website, and products.

The concept is to generate interest, and exposure for your brand, products and website, establish credibility as an expert in your niche and create backlinks to your website that will improve your site's search engine ranking.

You can write articles around specific products such as reviews, to promote the products with links inserted.

The advantage of article marketing is that; it’s quite simple, and it’s free to practice.

The platforms and websites to distribute your articles are important for efficiency of your marketing, so, select those with high reputation, authority and high traffic websites.

The Purpose of Article Marketing

Article marketing is a tactic that writing quality articles to deliver useful and interesting information to your target audiences, by using some on your own website, but most of them are distributed to other selected websites.

This will help getting found for more keyword searches and helping to increase search engine rankings.

  • Help building and growing backlinks to your site in snowballing effect.
  • Increasing referrer targeted traffic from particulars articles through backlinks
  • To increase exposure for your site, establishing your credibility and expertise
  • To promote your brand, products and services
  • And so on…

How to Write Articles

Try to create a catchy keyword rich title, and write a keyword focus article to attract readers.

Try to write at least 3 to 5 short paragraphs and with minimum 400 words and above.

Do not purposely shorten or extend the content for word count, make sure to fully cover the whole topic as long as it takes.

Format your article with a entice Headline, Subheadings, Bullet Points, and Numbered List where ever needed.

Remember to have enough keyword phrase written in your article to meet On Page Criteria for ranking, in natural manner while reading.   

Provide value, helpful, and solid content to your target audiences.

Write ‘How To’ Articles, with Bulleted Points, etc. and do really well to get audiences interested in reading.

Write ‘Review Article’ if you want to promote a specific product.

Write with your own unique style and simple format, unless you’re targeting professional groups of audiences, then you can write with professional terms and style.

Resource Box

At the end of the articles make sure you include an about the author bio - Resource Box.

It should be around 200 characters with one or two sentences.

Include an offer or enticing reason for audiences to visit your website.

Include an anchor text link going back to your website for maximum SEO benefit.

Articles Topic Ideas

Research other article directories and browse the top performing articles for content ideas to write about.

Use keyword research tools to identify keywords for articles to write on.

You should focus on one keyword phrase when creating each article.

Also check with top ranking articles by ‘Search Results’ to get more ideas and info to write about.

You can also check with forums in your niche to research the latest hot topics for content ideas.

Creating Content for Articles

The best step is to creating valuable and helpful content with your unique, personal experience, if not, you may need some tools and researches for ideas and inspiration.

You may use article creator software to help you find information, get ideas, or rewrite existing articles to create content.

Rewrite PLR articles by adding content to them or combining PLR articles.

Use PLR ebooks that give you the rights to use as articles or content and combine pages to create articles.

Outsourcing is another consideration if you’ve the budget, and not enough time to do it yourself.

The key is to create content that engaging and deliver valuable, helpful information to entice your target audiences to click through your links.

Distributing Your Articles

After you’ve written your articles, you can submit them to Article Directories:

  • Ezine
  • Large
  • Article
  • Article
  • And so on…

Then you can offer to write articles for other blogs and websites in your niche.

Make posts on forums in your niche telling them you would like to write a few unique articles.

You can also research websites that want content in your niche, and then contact the webmaster to submit your article

Submit & Publish Your Articles on Web2.0 Websites

Web 2.0 are websites and platforms that make use of user-generated content for end-users.

These sites are famous by the greater user interactivity, collaboration, more network connectivity and enhanced communication channels.

Before you signup to publish your articles with these sites, make sure to check their policies and regulations.

  • And so on…

Marketing Your Articles

Plan your action and write 10 to 20 articles per week and submit your articles accordingly.

You can Ping each of your articles with

Bookmark each of your articles using or use

This method will increase the effectiveness of your article marketing tremendously.

Repeat your routine tasks each week for maximum effects in the long run.

Keyword Research Tools

Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool          

Google Trends         

Free Wordtracker Keyword Tool         


With all these info and tools, you can now start article marketing to promote your website and products.

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